About Us

Beaux Arts Studios ( pronounced Bo-Zart) is a Christian art gallery which specializes in affordable, high-quality open and limited edition christian art, as well as, original drawings and paintings.

Pictures of Jesus—Affordable Original Christian Artwork—Best Buy for Prints, Canvas Art, and Giclée Prints for Home Decoration— Inspirational Gifts

Why Shop Here?

Beaux Arts Studios Sells Christ-Centered Art is your place to shop for Christian art for these main reasons:


 We strive to sell our prints at the lowest possible prices so that you may display these beautiful, Biblically inspired art prints in the areas where you live and work.

Home – These awe-inspiring art prints will lighten up your home decor and provide a peaceful atmosphere in your household sanctuary. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

• Office – These art prints will boldly proclaim your faith in the Lord and
be a powerful conversation piece and witnessing tool in your office decor.


 We aim to sell Christian art of the finest quality on both paper stock and canvas

The artist is in full-time ministry and sells his artwork in order to support his ministry and the evangelistic work.

Your purchase of our artwork helps further the gospel.

Beaux-Arts Studio makes quality Giclée prints of our original artwork which is printed on either canvas or quality paper . Original works can also be purchased.


Enhanced – a technique whereby an artist paints textural highlights, as well as painted or drawn additions to the printed artwork, on a canvas reproduction, replicating the texture of paint that would be found on an original painting. Enhancing can be done with either paint or a clear gel.

Each canvas is enhanced one at a time and by hand, so no two enhanced images are ever exactly identical.

Giclée – (pronounced “jhee-clay”) is a French term meaning “to spray”, which properly describes the method used to apply the ink to the surface of this fine art product. By using the artist’s original work of art and state-of-the-art digital technology, each edition is carefully produced to match the color and detail of the original as closely as possible.

Each giclée is created one at a time. Up to 12 different colored inks are used, making the depth and richness of color more true to the original than what can be achieved with traditional lithography printing.

Giclées can be produced on cotton canvas or fine, acid-free art paper. Giclées on canvas must be stretched tight on a wood frame, much like a canvas for an original painting would be stretched. They are framed like an original painting, with an outside moulding and often a canvas liner.

Paper giclées can be mounted and matted in the same manner as any paper print.

Because giclées are made one at a time, editions are produced in small quantities and each giclée has its own unique characteristics.

Limited Edition – a print of a specified size and format where the quantity of prints to be produced is predetermined prior to publication. Once that quantity has been produced, the edition is closed, and in the case of lithographs, the printing plates are destroyed.

Limited edition prints bear the signature of the artist, are hand numbered with a sequence number (50/95 would designate the fiftieth print in a press run of 95), and are issued with a Certificate of Authenticity by the publisher.

Lithograph- a print produced on a printing press using offset lithography. This traditional method of printing color images uses 4 inks – magenta, yellow, cyan (blue) and black – to produce the entire range of colors in a print. Printed on paper, lithographs are matted and framed behind glass.

Master Canvas – A canvas transfer print. This special process involves disolving the paper back of a lithograph, and transfering the ink layer onto a stretched canvas surface. The result provides the texture of canvas, much like an original painting would have.

Open edition – an art reproduction having no limit to the number of prints that can be produced; however, the publisher may choose to no longer produce the image, making it “sold out.” Open editions may or may not bear the artist’s signature, but are never numbered.

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